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When you get your permanent makeup by Donna it will look natural. No more runny, smudgy, lack of eyeliner, brows, and/or lip color! Donna specializes in pain control, and applies topical anesthetic to ensure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure.


EYELINER - Eyeliner can be applied in may styles and colors - from soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a defined line - the choice is yours! Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed, always looking your best.

FULL LIPS/LIPLINER - Tired of re-applying your lipstick? Do conventional lipsticks make your lips dry or chapped? Permanent lipliner can make your lips appear fuller, provide definition, and correct a crooked lip line. Permanent makeup does not feather into the surrounding skin.

EYEBROWS - The implantation of pigment into the lash line is popular with both male and female clients. If desired, eye shadowing of color can be added.  Donna can apply a few hairstrokes to fill in eyebrow gaps, or a more dramatic look with fully colored brows that even your closest friends won't know they're not your own!

SKIN NEEDLING/SCAR RELAXATION (Collagen Induction Therapy) - Both Needling and Scar Revision are specific well designed applications to help create supple, smooth skin texture.  This technique improves tone and texture of the skin.  Treats fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring, and general aging. Minimal amount of downtime and less costly than that of laser re-surfacing. Each treatment breaks up the old collagen in the scar and causes a natural process within the skin to create a build-up of new collagen and elastin in the treated area just below the surface of the skin.

Email Donna for More Information -
Permanent Cosmetic Makeup - Starting from $300.00 and up
LIPS (Full, lined, contrast color and/or shading)
EYELINER (Upper, lower, thick or thin) GUY LINER AVAILABLE !
EYEBROWS (Shaded or Hairstrokes)
Camouflage, Scar Reduction, Color Correction, Areola or Tattoo Removal - $150.00 per hour
  • NO alcohol, NO aspirin and/or blood thinner products 24 hours prior to treatment unless absolutely necessary.
  • All makeup should be removed and the skin thorougly cleansed before arriving for your service. Bring your makeup pencil you like with you for your permanent makeup color analysis.
  • For optimal results, the skin to be treated should not be irritated, such as sunburnt, and/or chemical peels.
  • If you use or have Retin-A or any other medications, please advise the Donna at time of consultation.
  • Pain Preparation - Though the sensation of micropigmentation implantation is minimal, clients respond differently.  During your permanent cosmetic service you will be numbed with topical and should be very comfortable. Please advise us of what/or any medication you have taken.
  • For clients with any history of cold sores, fever, blisters and herpes, no matter if it were as a child, you should request a prescription for Zovirax, Valtrex, or Famvir and begin taking 24 hours before your micropigmentation service (a form of tattooing). It will also be necessary to do the same for any follow-up service.

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