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Natural looking permanent makeup; No more runny, smudgy, lack of eyeliner, brows, and/or lip color!

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When you get your permanent makeup or microblading done by Donna Furr of Velvet Touch located in Rockwall, TX,  it will look natural. No more runny, smudgy, lack of eyeliner, brows, and/or lip color! Donna specializes in pain control, and applies topical anesthetic to ensure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure.

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Microblade Eyebrows | Velvet Touch | Rockwall TX

Microblade Eyebrows

Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of cosmetic tattooing*. The procedure uses a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because the color is closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. There is no “spilling” under the skin. The blade glides with gentle pressure over the skin and causes a fine cut. The cut is as fine as a paper cut and can hardly be distinguished from real hair.

Permanent Eyebrows | Rockwall TX

Permanent Eyebrows

The implantation of pigment into the lash line is popular with both male and female clients. If desired, eye shadowing of color can be added.  Donna can apply a few hair strokes to fill in eyebrow gaps, or a more dramatic look with fully colored brows that even your closest friends won’t know they’re not your own!

Permanent Eyeliner | Rockwall TX

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be applied in may styles and colors – from soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a defined line – the choice is yours! Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed, always looking your best.

Permanent Lip Color | Rockwall TX

Permanent Lip Color

Tired of re-applying your lipstick? Do conventional lipsticks make your lips dry or chapped? Permanent lipliner can make your lips appear fuller, provide definition, and correct a crooked lip line. Permanent makeup does not feather into the surrounding skin.


6-8 week followup – $55.00,  after 8 weeks there will be fee of $150.00


I had my eyebrows done and Donna did a fantastic job! I only wish I had done it sooner, she made me look years younger.
Mary Jane Olsen

Permanent Makeup Healing Schedule

Day 1         Swelling, tender heavy thick lipstick look with a reddish brick color effect.

Day 2         Slight swelling, reddish and tender with a slight metallic flavor.

Day 3         Less swelling, thicker texture, sore, hot feeling before exfoliation with an orange color effect.

Day 4         Exfoliation begins, very chapped lips.

Day 5         Very chapped but almost finished with first chapping stage.

Day 6         A soft, rich color begins to appear.

Day 7-13    Lip color disappears and the “frosty” (second chapping) stage begins as a whitish/grayish haze on

the Lips.

Day 14       Color “blooms” from within more and more each day until day 21 (three weeks post procedure).

Day 21       Healing complete; the color you see is the color you have. Your lips will remain very dry for a month

or two, use a good lip balm and they will return to normal, but with great color.

Day 1         Swollen, like you’ve been crying, with a heavier eye makeup look.

Day 2         Swollen, usually for only a few hours after waking up, with the heavier eye makeup look continuing.

Day 3         Swelling decreases with a tight feeling. The pigment begins to lift away from the skin.

Day 4         There is a “pinching” feeling. Some itching is normal as the skin begins to flake. DO NOT PICK!

Day 5         Blinking movement of the eye usually removes all pigment by this day. Color is somewhat grayish,

will take a few more days to clarify to full color.

Day 1-2      The eyebrows are approximately 20 to 40% darker and bolder in with than they will be healed.

Your skin is red under the pigment which causes the color of the pigment look darker.

There is some swelling, although difficult to actually see due to the thickness of the skin in the

eyebrow area. This will subside.  Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess

pigment surrounding the eyebrow procedure to fade away and narrower appearance will be.

New skin will heal over the pigmented area and result in a softer appearance of your eyebrow.

Don’t be concerned that your eyebrows initially appear darker and heavier in size than you desire.

This is all part of the process.

Day 3          Eyebrows start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture. Exfoliation begins.

Day 4         The skin begins to flake — peeling from the outside edges first.

Day 5          Color finishes flaking off and appears softer and grayer for a few days until color clarifies.

Cosmetic Tattoo – Microblading – According to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
Some are promoting microblading or eyebrow embroidery as a semi-permanent process; and that the color only reaches the epidermal (outer) layer of the skin. A careful review of basic skin anatomy and physiology would reveal this is not true. By definition and tattoo industry standards, color is tattooed/implanted into the dermis of the skin. If pigment particles do not reach the dermis, they will disappear during the healing phase of the skin, during normal regeneration of cells at the epidermal level. Pigments do fade in the skin over time, but that does not make the process semi-permanent. It is impossible to predict how much pigment will fade away and how long it will take to do so with any measure of consistency or reliability.

N O T E:

Permanent makeup procedures are affected by the canvas (YOUR SKIN) that they are performed on. If your skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds, thick and uneven in texture, dry or excessively oily the result cannot be expected to be perfect after the initial procedure. Scars on the lips from fever blisters cause pigment removal. Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery and age of skin all contribute to fading. Please call me if you have any further questions and Enjoy your new look!

Velvet Touch Permanent Cosmetics and Skin Care LLC offers microblading, permanent makeup and skin care to clients in Rockwall, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Plano, Richardson, Mesquite and surrounding areas in Texas.